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WAW Official Event DVD

  • WAW Official Event DVD

Choose between WAW Shock-Toberfest 2021, WAW Time 2 Go To School, WAW 3rd Times A Charm, WAW Rock The Ring 2, WAW Square Business, WAW I Look Good, or WAW Tussle 4 Gold. These are official DVD's from all of our events from 2021 to 2022, filmed on location at The Backyard in Downtown Waco, Midway Jr. High School Gym & Nexus Esports Arena in Waco Texas crowning new WAW Lonestar Champions! Featured match-ups include Exodus Prime Vs Nathan Bradley, Vert Vixen Vs Christi Jaynes, Izzy James Vs Jay Tha Gawd (JTG) & more! When you order please specify which WAW Event DVD you would like so we can make sure that you are shipped the right one.